Epi ProColon

What is the Epi proColon test?

The Epi proColon blood test is a FDA-approved blood test for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. It detects methylated Septin9 in a patient's blood sample. The presence of methylated Septin9 in a patient's blood can be an indicator of colorectal cancer. The Epi proColon test is a molecular test uses real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a fluorescent hydrolysis probe for the analysis of SEPT9 DNA methylation in plasma.

How does the Epi proColon test work?

Colorectal cancer tissue and normal colorectal tissue differ on a molecular level. Epi proColon detects methylated Septin9, a biomarker associated with colorectal cancer tissue. Positive Epi proColon test results indicate an increased likelihood for the presence of colorectal cancer, while a negative test result indicates no increased likelihood.

What are the benefits of screening with Epi proColon?

The benefits of screening with Epi proColon include:

  • It is a minimally invasive blood test and an FDA approved method of colorectal cancer screening
  • Epi proColon can be used for screening colorectal cancer (CRC) when a patient is unwilling to undergo colonoscopy or other recommended screening methods.
  • No preparation for patients
  • Requires minimal amount of blood that can be taken during any standard blood draw

What are the benefits of Epi proColon test?

  • Doing the Epi ProColon test can help early detection of cancer. There is a better prognosis if colorectal cancer is detected early.
  • Epi proColon detects methylated Septin9 DNA that is highly associated with colorectal cancer.
  • It is a non-invasive test.
  • If a patient is not willing to be screened by colonoscopy or other methods, the Epi proColon is a good alternative screening tool.