American Cancer Society has lowered the recommended screening age for colorectal cancer to age 45

Uses and Benefits of the Epi proColon Test

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Uses and Benefits of the Epi proColon Test

Epi proColon is an approved blood test for screening colorectal cancer. A colorectal cancer screening is recommended for women and men from the age of 50. There are a number of colorectal cancer screening tools available such as colonoscopy and a fecal blood test. The Epi proColon test is an alternative tool for screening colorectal cancer.

What does the Epi proColon test detect?

The Epi proColon test detects methylated septin9 DNA in plasma from a patient’s blood specimen. Methylated septin9 DNA is associated with the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

The test uses a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a fluorescent hydrolysis probe to detect the Septin9 DNA. This test is used to screen patients for colorectal cancer who are defined as average risk for colorectal cancer. Those who receive a positive test result are referred for a diagnostic colonoscopy.

Benefits of Epi proColon test

  • Doing the Epi ProColon test can help early detection of cancer. There is a better prognosis if colorectal cancer is detected early.
  • Epi proColon detects methylated Septin9 DNA that is highly associated with colorectal cancer.
  • It is a non-invasive test.
  • If a patient is not willing to be screened by colonoscopy or other methods, the Epi proColon is a good alternative screening tool.

Who should be screened by the Epi proColon test?

Average risk persons: men and women who are 50 years and older should be screened. Those who have no personal history of polyps, colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease or family history of colorectal cancer are considered average risk for colorectal cancer and can be screened by the Epi proColon test.

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