Helping save lives by enabling early detection of life-threatening diseases

As rising incidence of chronic diseases, aging populations, and skyrocketing costs strain our healthcare system, Polymedco is committed to making early detection more effective, accessible, and affordable.

Our solutions

Polymedco partners with healthcare systems, payors, providers, and reference labs to develop best-in-class screening and early detection programs that can help identify life-threatening diseases earlier. We’re proud to offer a portfolio of products with exceptional performance, robust clinical evidence, and user-friendly design.

OC-Auto® FIT

Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening excellence, made easier

The #1 automated noninvasive CRC screening tool in the world1 is also the only CRC screening solution with a Tier 1 guideline recommendation and proven benefits to patient outcomes.2,3

Beyond the test, our support and customizable programmatic solutions can increase patient participation, generate revenue for the laboratory, and help drive efficiencies through your healthcare system.

OC-Auto® FIT Product Image

Proven clinical impact

Increase in patient compliance3


Shown to improve up-to-date screening status

Reduction in annual CRC incidence3


Reduction in cancer mortality3


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PATHFAST® Cardiac Biomarker Analyzer

PATHFAST® Cardiac Biomarker Analyzer Product Image

A comprehensive menu of lab-quality urgent cardiac tests

Empower faster care decisions–accelerating patient throughput and delivering unparalleled value.4

Proven performance

High precision, near-patient cardiac testing in minutes

Determines the quantity of Troponin I, NTproBNP, D-Dimer, hsCRP, CK-MB, and Myoglobin present from a single whole blood sample

Easy LIS integration and compact benchtop footprint ideal for STAT labs and busy care facilities

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A customer-centric healthcare company, committed to your success

Our goal is to be one of the easiest companies to do business with in healthcare. We know that our growth is driven by collaborative relationships with customers. That’s why we provide a more personal touch, adapting solutions to the needs and structure of the healthcare entities we support, and delivering top tier technical and implementation support.

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